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Friday, April 8th, Inferencing and Logical Fallacies

On Friday, we learned about inferencing and used what we learned to make inferences about photojournalist Kevin Carter’s award-winning picture. If you were absent then you missed the greatest class discussion of the 6 weeks.

After making inferences, we continued taking Cornell notes on logical fallacies. We will finish these up on Monday, and then we’ll take the C-Scope assessment.

Also, Friday, April 8th at 5:00 p.m. was your last chance to turn in any missing work. I announced this several times in class and even gave the class a make up work day last Monday. If you are unsatisfied with your grade, please work harder and turn in all your assignments this 6 weeks to raise your semester average.


Wednesday, April 6th Logical Fallacies

On Wednesday, we did three things:

1. Responded to the following writing appetizer “When have you been stereotyped? How were you stereotyped and how did it make you feel?”

2. Presented about the countries we were researching. Each person was required to present for at most two minutes and then answer a couple of audience questions. Everyone who presented did really well, seeing as how I only took a participation/completion grade.

3. Took Cornell notes on Logical fallacies (click to see the slide show). I made it half way through my slide show which you can access here. I also taught the students how to take Cornell Notes. I will be modeling this skill tomorrow to reinforce the skill and also help those who were absent.

Friday at 5:00 p.m. is your last chance to submit any missing work to me. You will receive a late penalty on the work, but any grade is better than a zero. If we have time in class tomorrow I will help you. If we do not have time in class (and I doubt we will due to it being a 45 minute class) you will need to see me after school.


The end of the fifth 6-weeks is Friday at 5:00 p.m. If you are missing any assignments you need to print them off from the blog or come by class before or after school and get your missing work.


As usuall, I am available every morning from 8:15-8:35, and every afternoon from 4:00-4:30. I will be available until 5:00p.m. on Friday to accept any work you want to submit.

Also, I will be sending a letter home to each parent along with a slip indicating the student’s grade and any work they are missing. If the student brings back the letter signed by a parent I will add 10 points to their lowest grade. So parents, check your student’s backpack!

Friday, April 1st Rhetorical Device Quiz

In Friday’s class, we reviewed the rhetorical structures and devices we learned on Monday and Wednesday. The writing app. asked you to write down everything you know about the four rhetorical elements we covered: repetition, parallelism, restatement and analogy. After writing it all down, we reviewed the information as a class and then took the quiz.

The quiz consists of a matching section, a multiple choice section, a short answer section, and an essay section. I designed the quiz to really challenge your understanding of the rhetorical elements we studied all week in class.

If you were not in class on Friday you will need to make up this quiz during the upcoming week.

March 30, 2011 More Rhetorical Devices

On Wednesday we only had one hour classes, so I used the time to review the rhetorical structures and devices we covered on Monday. I gave a brief review slide show that you can check out by clicking on the link: Rhetorical Device Review Slide show The purpose of this slide show was to give more real life examples of rhetorical devices in action. As you review the slide show, see if you can guess what device is being used before revealing the answer at the top.

After the review, we worked in small groups to complete the following worksheet about Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech. I handed out a copy of the speech to each group along with the following practice worksheet. Click on the link to download the I Have a Dream Rhetorical Device Chart.

This lesson was designed to reinforce what we learned on Monday. Tomorrow we will have a quick quiz over the rhetorical structures and devices we learned about his week.

March 28, Rhetorical Devices

On Monday we talked about two types of rhetorical structures and two types of rhetorical devices. Rhetorical Devices and Structures this link takes you to a slideshow we viewed in class.

The main points I want everyone to remember:

1. Rhetoric is using words to effectively persuade or please an audience.

2. Rhetorical structures are the ways speakers organize their speeches to better persuade you. The two types we discussed in class are repitition and parallelism.

Repitition: using the same words over and over to get your point across. For example, “Yes we can.” Obama

Parallelism: repeating the same phrases to get your point across. For example, “I have a dream that one day…” MLK 

3. Rhetorical devices are the techniques speakers use to persuade you. The two types we discussed in class are analogy and restatement.

Analogy: compares two different things using metaphors and similes. For example, “the table of brotherhood.” MLK

Restatement: says the same thing using different words. Just like rephrasing something so people can understand it better.

After going over the slideshow we watched and read President Barack Obama’s “Election Night Speech.” Click on the link to watch it online.

Friday, March 25th Rough Drafting

On Friday the lesson started out with a Writing Appetizer about superpowers. Then I went around and checked on the progress of students’ rough drafts. If I didn’t make it to you, please submit your rough draft with your final copy.

The final copy of your “Countries of the World” essay is due on Monday, March 28th. I will take this up after we finish the Writing Appetizer. Under the worksheets tab you can find the Essay Grading Rubric. Also, if you type your final copy I will add five points to your grade. If you use texting words like: u, cuz, and omg, I will deduct ten points from your grade.

Students will present on their countries on Wednesday and Friday. For the presentation I encourage you to make a visual aide like a poster or a Powerpoint. If you need to use the computer to make your presentation please let me know ahead of time.