Wednesday, April 6th Logical Fallacies

On Wednesday, we did three things:

1. Responded to the following writing appetizer “When have you been stereotyped? How were you stereotyped and how did it make you feel?”

2. Presented about the countries we were researching. Each person was required to present for at most two minutes and then answer a couple of audience questions. Everyone who presented did really well, seeing as how I only took a participation/completion grade.

3. Took Cornell notes on Logical fallacies (click to see the slide show). I made it half way through my slide show which you can access here. I also taught the students how to take Cornell Notes. I will be modeling this skill tomorrow to reinforce the skill and also help those who were absent.

Friday at 5:00 p.m. is your last chance to submit any missing work to me. You will receive a late penalty on the work, but any grade is better than a zero. If we have time in class tomorrow I will help you. If we do not have time in class (and I doubt we will due to it being a 45 minute class) you will need to see me after school.


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