March 28, Rhetorical Devices

On Monday we talked about two types of rhetorical structures and two types of rhetorical devices. Rhetorical Devices and Structures this link takes you to a slideshow we viewed in class.

The main points I want everyone to remember:

1. Rhetoric is using words to effectively persuade or please an audience.

2. Rhetorical structures are the ways speakers organize their speeches to better persuade you. The two types we discussed in class are repitition and parallelism.

Repitition: using the same words over and over to get your point across. For example, “Yes we can.” Obama

Parallelism: repeating the same phrases to get your point across. For example, “I have a dream that one day…” MLK 

3. Rhetorical devices are the techniques speakers use to persuade you. The two types we discussed in class are analogy and restatement.

Analogy: compares two different things using metaphors and similes. For example, “the table of brotherhood.” MLK

Restatement: says the same thing using different words. Just like rephrasing something so people can understand it better.

After going over the slideshow we watched and read President Barack Obama’s “Election Night Speech.” Click on the link to watch it online.


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