Friday, March 25th Rough Drafting

On Friday the lesson started out with a Writing Appetizer about superpowers. Then I went around and checked on the progress of students’ rough drafts. If I didn’t make it to you, please submit your rough draft with your final copy.

The final copy of your “Countries of the World” essay is due on Monday, March 28th. I will take this up after we finish the Writing Appetizer. Under the worksheets tab you can find the Essay Grading Rubric. Also, if you type your final copy I will add five points to your grade. If you use texting words like: u, cuz, and omg, I will deduct ten points from your grade.

Students will present on their countries on Wednesday and Friday. For the presentation I encourage you to make a visual aide like a poster or a Powerpoint. If you need to use the computer to make your presentation please let me know ahead of time.


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