Wednesday, March 23rd Draft Graphic Organizer

In class today we began working on the rough drafts of our “Countries of the World” persuasive Essay. You can download and print the Five Paragraph Graphic Organizer by clicking on the link. Here’s how to fill out the organizer:

1. In the top box labeled “Introduction,” you should write three sentences complimenting you country, for example, “France is an excellent country to visit.” Write a couple of sentences like that and then add your thesis statement you wrote using the “Why Chart” from last class. The thesis statement should be the last sentence of your introductory paragraph.

2. Your essay will include three body paragraphs or main ideas. In each box labeled “main idea” you will put one of the topics you used in your thesis statement. Your three main ideas are the three reasons you use in your thesis statement. So, if your thesis statement sounds like this: “Everyone should visit Texas to eat the delicious BBQ, see the Alamo, and go to Six Flags,” then the three main ideas you will write about are 1. eating delicious BBQ, 2. seeing the Alamo, and 3. going to Six Flags. Each reason is its own body paragraph.

3. In the vertical boxes under each main idea, you will write one sentence about the main idea. In the first box you will write a topic sentence about the main idea, for example: “The first reason to visit Texas is to eat the delicious BBQ made there.” Notice how I used the word “first” to introduce the first main idea in the essay.

In the second vertical box you should write a fact supporting your topic sentence. Your facts come from your research packet. Be sure to include the source you got the facts from. For example: “Texas BBQ gets its juicy flavor from the beef it is made from. Other states like Georgia, make BBQ from pork” (BBQ Masters, 2010). Uses facts that support your opinion. Be sure to write down where you got your facts from.

In the third vertical box you should write a summary sentence. The summary sentence should include information that is both fact and opinion. For example: “The chance to taste delicious beef BBQ is a great reason to visit the Lone Star State.”

4. Repeat step #3 for the remaining two main ideas.

5. Write a conclusion to your essay. Remember, a conclusion should NOT introduce any new facts or main ideas. A conclusion should sum up your essay and your opinion about whether or not people should visit your country. The conclusion paragraph should be three sentences long. Restate your thesis in a different form in the first sentence of the conclusion paragraph. For example: “In conclusion, the delicious beef BBQ, historic Alamo, and exciting Six Flags theme park are three great reason why everyone should visit Texas.”

After filling out the Rough Draft Graphic Organizer writing your rough draft on notebook paper or on your computer should be extremely easy. Also, the Organizer should help you essay be more organized and on topic.


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