Monday 21, 2011 Why Charts

On Monday we completed the “Why Chart” (click on the link to print the worksheet) and began writing thesis statements. If you completed the “Why Chart” it should help you write your thesis statement for “Country Persuasive Paper.”

Here’s how to do the “Why Chart”:

1. Write your name on top and select whether or not you want your reader to visit the country you researched. Just check yes or no. This decision shows your bias. (Remember: bias= how one’s position on an issue affects the evidence they use to prove their point.)

2. In the middle column, list three reasons why someone should or should not visit your country. These reasons should be expressed as opinions, for example, “Visit Sri Lanka to see the beautiful temples.” Beautiful is a value word, like good, better, bad, wonderful, etc., that cannot be proven, therefore it’s an opinion.

3. In the far right column, provide evidence from your research packet that can be used to support your reasons. For example, “Sri Lankan temples are over 300 years old and are decorated with ancient Buddhist art (Example Book, 2010).”  Evidence needs to be factual and from a reliable source. Notice how I cited which book I got the information from.

4. In the left column, rank your reasons in order from weakest to strongest. Your thesis and your essay will present your reasons from weakest to strongest. After you complete the “Why Chart,” writing your thesis statement will be much easier.

Next post will be about writing your thesis!


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